Portugal Is the Best Country in Europe for a Foreigner to Live

Portugal Is the Best Country in Europe for a Foreigner to Live


Everybody loves Portugal. Or so it seems. We have to go back in time to the golden Era of Discoveries (in which we owned half the world) to find a time when there are so many people in the world talking about Portugal…

  • Best European Tourist Destination 2018 – Portugal (World Travel Awards)
  • Best Tourist Destination in the World 2017 – Portugal (World Travel Awards)
  • Best Tourist Destination in Europe 2017 – Portugal (World Travel Awards)
  • Best Golf Destination in the World 2017 – Portugal (World Golf Awards)

And Lisbon?

  • Europe’s Leading City Destination 2018 (World Travel Awards 2018)
  • Europe’s Leading Cruise Port 2018 (World Travel Awards 2018) (third time)
  • Best World Destination for City Break 2017 (World Travel Awards 2017)

But there is more… In the Wold Travel Awards 2018 Portugal won 36 awards. And now Portugal received another distinction.

Portugal is the best European country for a foreigner to live, according to a ranking published by InterNations, the largest expatriate community in the world.

Our country is in sixth place in the Expat Insider – which results from a survey of 18.135 expatriates from 178 nationalities. The ranking is led by Bahrain, followed by Taiwan, Ecuador, Mexico and Singapore.

And why is it? Main reasons are safety, quality of life and climate. And I advance a few more reasons: food, sympathy of citizens, willingness to help, wonderful natural landscapes, historic cities full of charm, history and tradition…

Portugal is now trendy. And that makes perfect sense. Come visit Portugal.