Cannabis Planting Market in Portugal

Cannabis Planting Market in Portugal

The cannabis (cannabis sativa) planting market for medicinal purposes is allowed by Law in Portugal since the end of 2018 and several international investors are now looking to Portugal as a good opportunity to invest because of the:

  • temperate climate ideal for planting;
  • recognized water quality;
  • low labor price;
  • low land price;
  • lots of land available;
  • local incentives;
  • and entry into the European market (Germany is one of the target markets, since it allows the importation of the product, as other countries).

Investment is currently underway (in greenhouse or open air plantations), with already over 20 Million Euros invested in Portugal, and several companies are right now requesting the authorization for cultivation and export of cannabis sativa.

The legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes is also going to parliamentary vote in the coming months, and may further increase this already relevant market at national and international level.

If you have any clients interested in this market, we are available to cooperate in the necessary .