Lisbon Board Meeting – PRAGMA

Lisbon Board Meeting – PRAGMA

We had the great pleasure of receiving in our office the Lisbon Board Meeting of PRAGMA, which took place between the 21st and 23rd of this month (February 2018).

As a member of PRAGMA since its creation in 2001, we were pleased to welcome our colleagues from the administration and marketing of this international group of professionals specializing in specific areas of law and consultancy.

In fact, PRAGMA is just that: an international network of lawyers’ and consultants’ offices constituted with the objective of helping its members’ clients in the process of internationalization by providing quality and reliable service.

Each professional franchise their skills to PRAGMA, allowing them to present to the client a perspective of solution according to a global vision, based on the local knowledge and the specialization of PRAGMA professionals.

This synergy between PRAGMA’s various professionals also allows the creation of teams that are specific to each client’s needs.

Counting today with the close collaboration and participation of several Law Firms and Consultants that come from many countries, from Europe, South America and North America.

In Lisbon, PRAGMA’s Board Meeting discussed development strategies aimed at providing better services to the clients of each of its members.

Was debated the marketing of the group and reflected on how much there is yet to achieve.

We have heard an AICEP representative that explained the reasons for investing in the Portuguese economy.

We discussed the organization, the agenda and the future, because the concern of the members of PRAGMA is aimed at solving today, but always thinking about tomorrow and what we will have to offer.

In Lisbon, another new member was admitted to the group, coming from Brazil, and in addition to the work, fado was heard, good food and good Portuguese wine was savored, homage was paid to those who had to be honored and advices were listened, which we keep for ourselves.

Thanks to the Board Meeting of PRAGMA for the trust and presence, which honored us so much.

Nuno Pereira Lopes.